A Scratch-Built 40% Scale Model of a Ducati Square Case Engine

Ducati Square Case engine 3

This Ducati square case model engine is exact down to the smallest detail, it’s not made from a commercially available kit, each of the over 200 components was cast from patterns drawn from the original factory parts from a full scale engine. The model features stainless steel fixings throughout to add to the realism, and…

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The Douchebags™ Backpack – A 20 L Daily Carry Bag

Douchebags™ Backpack

Though it’s somewhat comically named, the Douchebags™ Backpack is actually a very well engineered backpack designed by Swedish freeski icon Jon Olsson and Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas. They founded Douchebags™ back in 2012 with the goal of developing genuinely 21st century-ready bags for people with busy, highly-mobile lives. Their bags have won several international…

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For Sale: An Original Concorde Jet Engine (With Afterburner)

Concorde Jet Engine

This is an original Rolls-Royce Olympus Turbojet engine (593-610), fitted with afterburner. It was fitted to a Concorde and flown at supersonic speeds as engine #3, it’s now notable as it’s the only Concorde engine sold by BA with its afterburner and serial number still in place. If you’ve been concocting a plan to buy…

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Kytone Potcho 3-In-1 – A Simple Shelter, Camp Bed, or Poncho

Kytone Potcho Shelter

The Kytone Potcho is designed to perform three essential functions, it can be worn as a waterproof poncho, laid down as a camp bed, or you can attach one side to your car or motorcycle and use it as a simple shelter. Although you’d probably want a more substantial motorcycle tent for any serious overlanding,…

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