The NSU Prinz is an iconic little car from the West German marque NSU Motorenwerke AG. It was the first post-WWII car from NSU, and it was designed to slot neatly into the economic climate of Germany at the time, when austerity was king and the future seemed uncertain.

The cars were small and simple, with seating for 4, a rear mounted engine, and a trunk up front. Design was initially inline with 1950s “Jet Age” styling before becoming more squared off in the 1960s as tastes changed.

In 1967 the car lost the “Prinz” model name and was just called the NSU 1000, the most potent form of this car was the NSU TT and the NSU TTS. These cars were raced extensively in Europe and often bested vehicles with far more power – thanks to their light weight, good handling, and ambitious drivers.

The Tamiya 1:10 remote controlled model you see here is based on the most famous Prinz-descendent of them all – the orange and black NSU TT Jägermeister race car. It measures in at 393mm long and it has a one-piece polycarbonate body that faithfully evokes the styling of its namesake.

There are very few R/C cars that are as effortlessly cool as this little orange beast, and when you’re not down at the park racing it, it’ll look fantastic on your desk.

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