Morris Minor Poster

morris minor

The Morris Minor is an instantly recognisable car in many parts of the world, even today, 41 years after its production ceased.

As it so happens, my mother used to own a Morris Minor. My father loves to tell the story about the time she blew up her third consecutive clutch due to her love of red-light drag racing against her friends, so he put her in a pair of overalls and got her to climb under the car and help him replace the offending clutch.

The idea was that when she saw how difficult it was, she’d ease up on the drag racing. It didn’t work. And my father is still an expert in delicate art of Morris Minor clutch replacement.

If you’re as big of a fan of the original Morris Minor as my mother, you can grab one or both of the posters listed here for just £9.95 a piece. They measure 61cm x are printed on top quality archival 230gsm matte paper Lightfast.

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