This is a 31 minute instructional film created by Land Rover UK for the British Ministry of Defense to teach new recruits how to drive Land Rovers, both on and off road, in a wide variety of conditions.

The British military has been using Land Rovers since shortly after the first Land Rovers were made back in the mid-20th century. Generations of new recruits have been trained to drive them, and many of these recruits have gone on to become lifelong Land Rover enthusiasts themselves.

Fast Facts – Land Rover: Military Operations

  • This film first shows recruits how to drive a Land Rover Defender safely on road, both with and without a trailer attached.
  • Most of the rest of the film is dedicated to driving off road and using the various systems built in to the Defender for off road use – things like high and low range, tire pressures, and locking differentials.
  • Even for experienced Land Rover and other 4×4 drivers this film will likely offer some useful lessons, possibly even a few tips and tricks they didn’t know before.
  • The British armed forces use a number of Land Rover Defenders including the short wheelbase 90, the long wheel base 110 (shown in this film) and the more unusual custom built 6×6 Defenders.
Land Rover Military Operations Film 3

Image DescriptionThis film gives some great insight and lessons into driving off road competently, and how to prepare your 4×4 before you head off the asphalt.

The link between the military and the four-wheel drive has always been strong, in fact the first mass-produced off road 4×4 was the Willys Jeep – a vehicle specifically designed for military use.

The first Land Rover was designed to be a cross between the Jeep and a tractor, giving post-WWII British farmers a single vehicle that could perform as an automobile and a tractor to help reduce their costs.

Perhaps the most unusual Land Rovers used by the British militaries are the “Pink Panthers,” highly-modified vehicles designed to be used by SAS commandos in desert operations.

After experimenting with desert camouflage they discovered that a light shade of pink was best for use in late afternoons and early mornings – times when they would be setting out on missions or returning to base.

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Land Rover Military Operations Film 2 Land Rover Military Operations Film

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