This is a 1:1 scale fiberglass sculpture of the tail end of one of the most valuable and iconic cars ever made – the venerable Ferrari 250 GTO.

The creator of this sculpture based in very closely on the 1962 250 Ferrari GTO that was built for Stirling Moss, including the light pastel green color and a partial number 15 roundel. Moss would never actually race the car due to a career-ending crash at the Goodwood Circuit in April of 1962.

Ferrari 250 GTO Tail Piece Sculpture 1

Image DescriptionThis is a 1:1 sculpture based on the tail end of the famous Stirling Moss 1962 Ferrari GTO, a car that sold for $35 million USD back in 2012.

The original purpose of the car was to compete at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in ’62, however Moss’ accident meant he couldn’t drive it. A new driver pairing of Innes Ireland and Masten Gregory was assembled, sadly it wasn’t to be and electrical problems with the car saw it drop out of the race after 165 laps.

In 2012 the original car came up for sale and was auctioned for $35 million USD, making it the most expensive car ever sold up until that point in history. Later sales of other 250 GTOs would eclipse it, with one selling for exactly double a few years later – an eye-watering $70 million.

The fiberglass sculpture you see in this post measures in at approximately 62″ wide, 19″ tall, and 15″ deep. It’s made from fiberglass and it has a metal internal structure with keyhole-style mounting brackets so it can be hung on the wall.

Ferrari 250 GTO Tail Piece Sculpture 7

Image DescriptionThis piece is made from fiberglass, it has a steel inner frame allowing it to be wall mounted, and it has a 120 volt electrical system which illuminates the lights.

Illumination equipment is fitted behind the taillight lenses, above the license plate, and beside the roundel. The built-in electrical circuitry is designed to work with American-style 120 volt power outlets, however there are converters that can be bought online that will allow it to work with 220 volt systems.

This 250 GTO sculpture is now being offered for sale on Bring a Trailer out of Napa, California with no reserve. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

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Images courtesy of Bring a Trailer

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