This is the Kakadu Ozpig Portable Wood Fire Stove, it’s an Australian design that can be used both in the backyard for summer parties and out in the wilderness when camping.

In its original configuration this wood and charcoal burning stove can be used for generating heat, cooking food, and boiling water for coffee or tea.

It can also be fitted with additional items to expand its functionality including an oven smoker, a rotisserie, and a chargriller, which are each sold separately.

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Image DescriptionHere you see the Kakadu Ozpig with the optional smoker attached to the top, it can also be ordered with a chargriller or a rotisserie.

Kakadu (ka – kuh – doo) is an Australian company named after that country’s most famous national park – The Kakadu National Park located in the Northern Territory covering almost 7,700 square miles of wildly varied terrain and wildlife including over 10,000 crocodiles.

The company designs all of their products in Australia specifically to handle the challenges that can be presented by adventuring off-road across the continent.

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Image DescriptionThe legs, spark arresting grill in the door, and the long chimney means the Kakadu Ozpig is far safer than a normal open campfire – useful for when you’re in areas at risk of wildfires.

When packed down for travel this portable stove measures in at 18 inches x 14.5 inches x 16.2 inches, or approximately 46 cm x 37 cm x 41 cm, and it weighs 40 lbs. When assembled it measures in at 26 inches x 21.3 inches x 59.2 inches or 66 cm x 54 cm x 150 cm.

As with any standard traditional stove of this design, you load or fuel (wood or charcoal) via the front end and get it lit. Once burning you close the door and use the rotating cover to control how much air/oxygen gets into the fire which helps you control temperature.

There’s a cast iron hot plate on top for cooking, you can also place your kettle or billy can on it to boil water when needed. When cooking is done it can be removed and cleaned before reuse.

The Kakadu Ozpig is currently in pre-production and it will be available in Australia, the United States, and further afield. Current pricing is listed at $399 USD and you can visit the store here to read more or register your interest.

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