This is a tastefully modified 1971 International Harvester Scout 800B, it now benefits from a rebuilt 304 cubic inch V8, that’s been fitted with Holley Sniper electronic fuel injection, an Isky Performance 256º cam, and a slew of additional upgrades.

Original Scouts have been surging in popularity in collector car circles in recent years, alongside first generation Broncos – their longtime rival. In 2022 it was announced that the Scout would be reentering production as an all-electric 4×4 SUV with production beginning in the USA in 2026.

Fast Facts – A Modified International Scout 800B

  • This vehicle is a Scout 800B, a member of the 800 series of Scouts that was released in 1965 as an improvement over the earlier Scout 80 series – the first generation of the model from International Harvester.
  • The Scout is one of the most consequential American 4x4s of all time and certainly one of the most important of the 1960s. It triggered Ford to develop their own SUV, the Bronco, and the two would battle it out against their more established rivals at Jeep throughout the 1960s and 1970s.
  • The 800 series Scouts featured a slew of improvements to make them more comfortable and easier to live with everyday, when compared with their slightly simpler forebears in the 80 series model family.
  • The 800B Scout you see here has been extensively modified, it now has uprated suspension including a 2″ lift, a completely rebuilt and upgraded V8, a replacement 3-speed automatic transmission, and a number of other improvements.

The International Scout 800

The International Scout 800 had its work cut out for it as it was introduced in 1965 as a replacement for the much-loved Scout 80. It was decided to make the 800 an incremental update that incorporated a range of upgrades intended to make it more comfortable, and to help it better compete with the then-new Ford Bronco.

International Scout 800 Vintage Ad

Image DescriptionThe International Scout 800 was introduced in 1965 to better compete with the then-new Ford Bronco.

The International Harvester Scout 800 looked, externally at least, very much like its predecessor. The changes included things like new bucket seats that were more comfortable, better instrumentation, an improved heating system, new optional seats for the rear, an improved dashboard layout, and a choice of either the original inline-four cylinder engine or the more powerful inline-six.

Some minor external changes were made, the grille was now anodized aluminum, some new badging was applied, and the door handles were upgraded to be more car-like with push buttons. The inline-four was offered in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions, and from 1967 onwards a larger 266 cubic inch V8 was offered.

The Scout 800 was followed by the Scout 800A and the Scout 800B, both offering their own range of improvements and upgrades until the model like was replaced with the Scout II in 1971 – a new larger Scout for a new decade.

The Upgraded International Scout 800B Shown Here

The Scout you see here is an 800B version, the final member of the first generation model family.

International Harvester Scout 800B 15

Image DescriptionThis modified Scout 800B has a tastefully upgraded interior, offering more comfort and convenience than the original but still largely staying true to the era.

The Scout 800A and 800B are popular with enthusiasts for a number of reasons, but perhaps mostly due to the fact that many of them came from the factory with the 304 cubic inch V8 fitted – offering considerably more power than the earlier inline-four and inline-six engine options.

This particular 800B has been extensively modified, its original 304 V8 has been rebuilt with Holley Sniper electronic fuel injection, an Isky Performance 256º cam, a CRT performance HEI distributor, tubular exhaust headers, and a Champion Cooling aluminum radiatior with dual 12″ electric fans coupled to an aluminum coolant overflow tank.

Power is sent back through a 3-speed automatic transmission, a Dana 20 dual-range transfer case, and Dana 44 front and rear axles. It now rides on 15″ alloy wheels fitted with BF Goodrich all terrain T/A K02 tires, and it has Warn locking hubs up front.

The brakes consist of power-assisted Scout II-based front discs and drums in the rear, and a 2″ suspension lift kit has been installed along with Bilstein shock absorbers. A 4-point roll bar has been added for safety, and the vehicle comes with an uprated sound system, bucket seats, and a front-mounted Warn winch.

It’s currently being offered for sale by Motorcar Gallery out of Florida with an asking price of $89,900 USD. If you’d like to read more about it or enquire about buying it you can visit the listing here.

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Images courtesy of Motorcar Gallery

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