The Wedge Tent from Heimplanet

The Wedge Tent is a rapidly deployable 2-person tent created by Heimplanet for people who hate screwing around with wires, tent poles and pegs. The tent has an inflatable frame that can absorb significant wind pressure, it can also be inflated/deflated in 120 seconds (or less if you’re good with a foot pump) and it comes as a single, roll-out unit that doesn’t require assembly.

If a tent that’s suspended between trees isn’t your thing, you might want to have a look at the Wedge Tent, they cost €449.00 each and each one has a ground area of 4.4 sqm (3.3 sqm inner tent + 1.1 sqm vestibule) = 48 sq. ft. (36 + 12), an overall height of 122 cm (48 inch) and a total weight of 3.2kgs (7.05lbs).

Grab yours here

The Wedge Tent from Heimplanet 3

The Wedge Tent from Heimplanet 1

The Wedge Tent from Heimplanet 2

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