Hawker Private Jet

$595,000 USD will buy you a modest suburban house in most parts of America. Well, it could buy you a modest suburban house. Or it could buy you your own private freaking jet. I don’t think it’s a particularly difficult choice, I mean the plane has seats that fold into beds and a kitchenette but the modest suburban house can’t fly. 1-0 to the private jet.

It might be a hard sell when you have to tell the wife, but realistically, with a private jet, you won’t be wanting for female attention so you don’t really need the wife. The minimum age for a private pilots license in the US is 16 so if you have kids, you also have future pilots and having your own jet will make it nice and easy to skip town when the lawyers come looking for alimony for your recently divorced ex-wife.

Check out the listing for the 1972 Hawker 400A-731 here.

Published by Ben Branch -