This is the Gerber Key Note and it’s almost certainly the shortest pocket knife currently in production, with a blade length of just 1 inch.

When it comes to daily carry pocket knives, size and weight are two of the most critical factors. If the knife is too big or heavy you won’t carry it with you, or it’ll get in your way when you do.

With the design of the Key Note the engineers at Gerber took a long hard look at how people were actually using their pocket knives, then created a new knife to meet those needs and nothing more.

Gerber Key Note Pocket Knife 1

Image DescriptionThe Gerber Key Note folds down into a small keyring sized, pocket-friendly knife with a built in belt clip and keyring.

Many of us use a simple flip-open pocket knife to open packages and letters, and perhaps some other simple duties around the home, garage, shed, or office like cutting, marking, and scraping.

The Gerber Key Note has a 1 inch blade with an obtuse angle that includes two cutting sections and a corner. The back of the blade has a nail nick for easy opening, it has an aluminum alloy handle, and a keyring.

Gerber offer the Key Note in both Black and Coyote Brown colorways, the blade is made from heat-resistant chromium-molybdenum (Cr-Mo) 5Cr alloy steel, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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