The third generation Ducati 750SS was never quite as popular with the Ducatista as it’s larger sibling – the 900SS. That said, Ducati did sell a significant number of them due to their affordable pricing, and their capabilities versus their immediate Japanese competition.

When Ducati released the model in 1991 they priced it directly inline with the Suzuki GSX-R 750 and the Kawasaki ZXR750. In fact in some markets the Ducati was slightly cheaper.

The model was fitted with a sleeved down version of the engine used in the 900SS, with a swept capacity of 748cc, a bore/stroke of 88mm/61.5mm, a Morelli electronic ignition, and the iconic Ducati desmodromic 2-valve per cylinder layout. As with the 900SS, the 750 variant used a chromoly trellis frame with the engine as a stressed member, Marzocchi upside-down forks, an adjustable Showa monoshock, and hefty front and rear discs.

With a dry weight of 175 kilograms and a maximum output of 66hp, the Ducati 750SS was a competent performer – especially when compared to its rivals back in the 1990s.

We’ve been seeing more and more of these ’90s-era 750SS Ducatis find their way into custom motorcycle workshops. It isn’t all that surprising when you consider the strong foundation they offer for increased horsepower, braking capability, and suspension improvements.

The heavily reworked Ducati 750SS you see here is the work of XTR Pepo, a custom motorcycle garage run by Pepo Rosell – you may know him from his previous garage called Radical Ducati. Peso’s work is typically characterised by a strong focus paid to engineering and on-track capability – his bikes almost invariably have that look that you only get when you put function before form, but as is often the case, they come out beautiful nonetheless.

This build has a clear DNA link to Pepo’s earlier work at Radical Ducati – which is no bad thing. If you’d like to read through the full list of modifications and new parts, you can click here to visit XTR Pepo.

Ducati 750 SS 24

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