Ducati 750SS / Monkee #20 by The Wrenchmonkees

The Wrenchmonkees are one of the most aesthetically tasteful and unique custom motorcycle builders in the world today, when you see a new Wrenchmonkees bike for the first time you can instantly see the design language of the Danish garage running through the build, almost like mechanical DNA.

This bike is one of my favourite builds yet from the Wrenchmonkees, it’s based on a Ducati 750ss but you’d be hard pressed to see any similarities to the original bike. All the 90s style fairings have been removed, the bright red paint has been stripped off and replaced with understated industrial metal hues, very much a signature of the garage.

The Monkee #20 is sitting on meaty looking Avon Distanza tires and has a hand-fabricated tank, seat, rear cowl and rear frame loop. The lights front and rear have all been replaced and the stock muffler was switched out for a burbling WM Megatron pipe.

Weighing in at just 160kgs (352lbs) and the Italian V-Twin produces a respectable 70+hp, making it a great handling bike with the power to weigh ratio of a vengeful leopard on meth-amphetamines.

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Via Wrenchmonkees + BikeExif

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