This is the Combar Pro FoldaXe, it’s a cleverly designed outdoor multi-tool that incorporates a fold-out axe, a hammer, a serrated edge knife, and a hand saw, all into a single package.

The knife and saw can be stored securely inside the axe/hammer handle for easy stowage and carrying, and for safety the axe head can be folded down when not in use to avoid accidents.

On regular camping trips the ability to cut wood, start fires, and prepare fish/game for cooking is important. In life-and-death survival situations it also becomes important to be able to build makeshift shelters, fishing spears, and a range of other items.

Combar Pro FoldaXe 8

Image DescriptionIn this image you can see the folding saw and the knife about to slide into the handle of the axe. This is where they’re kept for safekeeping.

The Combar Pro FoldaXe was developed by the team at Aclim8, the project started back in 2014 in Israel – a core design of the tool was outlined, a team of adventurers, engineers, metallurgists, industrial designers, graphic designers, and artists were then recruited.

After three years of research and 10 prototypes the final design was ready, Aclim8 offered it on Kickstarter where it was fully funded and they shipped the first Combar FoldaXe units worth a combined $250,000 USD to project backers around the world.

The FoldaXe outdoor multitool is now in full-scale production, it’s currently being used by military units, law enforcement agencies, and Search and Rescue forces from around the world – as well as countless thousands of regular outdoors people.

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Image DescriptionThe axe head can be quickly folded down for safety, to reduce the chances of people getting cuts or other injures.

The Combar Pro FoldaXe is a three-part kit that comes with the Combar FoldaXe itself, as well as the 420HC hardened stainless steel full-tang knife with a serrated edge blade, and the folding 10 inch 5 TPI high-carbon steel saw.

As noted above, both the saw and the knife can be securely stored in the handle when not in use. The axe head includes a hammer, for tent pegs and other uses, and the axe itself is made from hardened, razor-sharp stainless steel.

The standard MSRP is $349 USD however the outfitters over at Huckberry are currently offering the Combar Pro FoldaXe for $299 USD while stocks last, with free US shipping and free returns.

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