Caterham 7 Indy Custom

Caterham Lotus 7 Custom 4 450x330 - Caterham 7 Indy Custom

The Lotus Seven, now known as the Caterham 7, is one of the most iconic British vehicles of all time, the little bug-eye headlights, open front wheels and tiny cockpit have been delivering driving thrills since it was first rolled out of the Lotus factory by Colin Chapman in 1957. Chapman’s desire had been to…

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The Ultima GTR

Ultima GTR Car 7 450x330 - The Ultima GTR

  The Ultima GTR is the automotive equivalent of raw, uncut heroin. It’s offered by the factory as either a turn-key supercar or as a kit car, that latter option allows buyers to configure the final vehicle to their own specifications and price point. Most owners choose a large American V8 coupled to a Porsche G50…

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