Café Veloce By Radical Ducati

Café Veloce By Radical Ducati is a heavily customised Ducati GT1000, Radical Ducati are well known for their technically advanced and engineering-first approach to motorcycle tweaking, this bike is no exception to that rule.

Once they picked up the original GT1000 they pulled the engine out of the frame and adjusted it, balanced it, blue printed it and converted it to a dry clutch from the original wet clutch. These guys don’t screw around. After they finished with the engine they switched out the suspension, shortened the frame, modified the fuel tank, added clip-on handlebars and added a quick-open fuel cap.

These guys don’t screw around.

The list of more minor modifications continues on for a couple of pages but suffice to say, this is no longer “just” a Ducati. It’s now a Radical Ducati.

Check out their new english language blog here.

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