C-5 Explorer Personal Submarine

C-Explorer 5 Submersible Highres_1_B.tif

This is the C-5 Explorer Personal Submarine and it’s exactly the sort of thing that convinces me that I should be a billionaire. The 5-seater submarine can be ordered with a maximum depth of 100, 200 or 300 metres and it’s fitted with a slew of safety features that make it reassuringly hard to kill yourself.

The standard underwater running time for the C-5 Explorer is 8 hours, though this is extendable to 16 hours if you really, really love coral. The internal pressure remains at 1 bar at all times (surface pressure), this eliminates the need for decompression stops and removes the risk of decompression sickness (the bends) should you need to surface quickly.

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All propulsion systems are electric, there are four 2.0 kW thrusters  for the control of forward/backward/left/right and up/down that give the sub a surface speed of 4 knots and submerged speed of 3 knots.

Now, there’s no price listed for the C-5 but I’m going to assume that if (like me) you don’t own a super-yacht with a crane capable of lifting a 7,750kg personal submarine, the price is probably not really something you’ll lose any sleep over.

If you do own a super-yacht and there’s some space next to the helicopter on the deck, you can click here to visit U-Boat Worx and order one.

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