BMW R80/7 by Blitz Motorcycles

Blitz Motorcycles is an up and coming garage based in France, made up of 3 scruffy looking geniuses named Fred (mechanics/electrics), Hugo (mechanics/artistic direction) and Léo (mechanics/welding). They’ve built 7 bikes so far, this BMW R80/7 is our favourite although they received a huge amount of attention a few months ago for their rather unique BMW R60/2.

The R80/7 is an 800cc twin-cylinder built originally in 1984, the Blitz Motorcycles version has been tastefully modified into an exceptional café racer/bobber, with upgraded brakes, exhaust and electrics. It’s currently for sale via the boutique store W.1910 at a price of €6,500.00 or $8,955 USD, other comparable garages charge significantly more for bikes like this, making me wonder if Blitz is charging enough to keep their garage fridge stocked with bière and vin.

Via W.1910Blitz Motorcycles

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