Aerochute – Powered Parachutes


Powered parachutes are one of the safest ways of taking to the air, the parachute acts like a wing and provides lift but it also provides a huge safety benefit, if anything goes wrong with your engine you already have a deployed parachute overhead, so you drift down to the ground unscathed.

Aerochute has been operating out of Australia since 1992 and are arguable the most experienced powered parachute builders in the world. The Aerochute has seating for two in a side by side configuration and uses a 2-stroke Rotax that produces 52hp. The cruising speed is 60-70 Kph and a full tank will give you about 2 hours of flight time.

Cost tends to vary but you can get an Aerochute in your garage for about $19,000USD, it might be a little more if you go for some of the available upgrades.

Published by Ben Branch -