This is a handbuilt Chevrolet LS V8 from The Hot Rod Company, it’s rated at between 560 and 600 bhp, it comes with a two year unlimited mile warranty, and each engine retails for $9,655 USD through their eBay Store.

Chevy’s LS series of V8s is almost certainly the least expensive way of adding significant horsepower to a car without a reliability penalty.

The “LS” classification is typically used to describe 3rd and 4th generation V8 engines from Chevrolet, distinguishing them from the original “small block” Chevrolet V8s that entered production in the 1950s.

Chevrolet engineers developed the LS from a blank slate using a modular design philosophy, and essentially no parts from the earlier small blocks are interchangeable.

A 600 BHP Chevrolet LS V8 Crate Motor The Hot Rod Company

Image DescriptionWith between 560 and 600 bhp, these crate engines offer a relatively affordable way of getting supercar levels of performance.

The LS was introduced in the 1997 Corvette, it’s a 90º V8 with two pushrod and rocker arm actuated valves per cylinder, and displacement ranges from 293 to 511 cubic inches (4.8 to 8.4 liters) depending on variant.

These engines from The Hot Rod Company are built using high-flow aluminum cylinder heads, six bolt mains, a steel crankshaft, forged connecting rods, Keith Black Silverite pistons, a Trick Flow hydraulic roller valve train, a Fitech EFI, and it includes the module, wiring harness, GM sensors, coil packs, and new spark plug wires.

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A 600 BHP Chevrolet LS V8 Crate Motor From The Hot Rod Company 3

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