Kawasaki KZ750 by Valtoron

Kawasaki KZ750 by Valtoron 2

Valtoron is a Spanish custom motorcycle garage owned and operated by brothers Pablo & Carlos Delgado – the siblings have been professional metalworkers since 1995 and are the sons of well-known painter/sculptor/designer Rafael Muyor. When not working in metal the Delgado brothers are in the saddle, riding and wrenching vintage motorcycles on the bustling streets…

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1940 Mercury Custom Coupe

Mercury Custom Coupe

This 1940 Mercury Custom Coupe is far more than just another SoCal chop-top, it’s thought to be the first such car that Los Angeles ever saw and one of the first to be made in California – all the way back in 1939 when it was still a brand new, under-warranty automobile. Bought off the…

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Yamaha Virago XV535 by Old Empire Motorcycles

Yamaha Virago XV535 8

This Yamaha Virago XV535 custom, dubbed “Bulldog”, is the latest two-wheeled release from Old Empire Motorcycles – a British custom motorcycle workshop that’s become famous for their work with Royal Enfields over the past 2 years. The Virago has become a popular target for custom bike builders in recent years, largely due to the eye…

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Bandit 9 Motorcycles: The Interview

Bandit 9 Motorcycles 1

This is the first in a series of interviews on Silodrome by Alicia Elfving aka MotoLady, featuring significant figures from the world of Gasoline Culture. Daryl Villanueva is the founder and director of Bandit 9 Motorcycles, a custom garage based in Beijing that’s been turning out some genuinely phenomenal motorcycles over the past few years –…

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Yamaha XJR1300 Kit by Deus Ex Machina

Yamaha XJR1300 5

This Yamaha XJR1300 Kit by Deus Ex Machina is the Australian company’s interpretation of what the XJR1300 could have been, in an alternate universe directed by Ridley Scott. Yamaha actually approached Deus and proposed the idea of the kit in early 2013, they wanted to see what Deus would come up with when offered the…

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Top 13 Motorcycles of 2013


2013 has been a fantastic year for Silodrome, the site now has almost a million monthly readers and somewhere in the region of 100,000 social media followers. Our stories have been featured right across the web on sites like the official Pinterest blog, the official eBay Motors blog, Road & Track Magazine, Autoweek Magazine, Autoblog,…

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Yamaha XS 400 Custom

Yamaha XS 400 Custom 5

The humble Yamaha XS 400 is often overlooked by people who are lured by the larger XS650 and although I’m well aware of the attraction of additional power, I’ve always been a huge fan of slightly smaller engined, lighter weight bikes. When men first had the idea of dropping an engine into a bicycle, they…

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