Yamaha SR250 by Auto Fabrica

Yamaha SR250 5

The Yamaha SR250 is the hardworking little brother of the inimitable SR400/SR500, many of the components are shared between the SR models making repairs simple and the straight-forward mechanical set up of the SR series means they’re excellent bikes to learn wrenching. Originally released in 1982 the Yamaha SR250 was designed to fit in below…

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BMW R80-7 Scrambler

BMW R80-74

The BMW R80/7 was produced between 1977 and 1984 in reasonably significant numbers, the boxer twin is widely considered to be one of the most bullet-proof motorcycle engines ever made and as a result many of them still roadworthy over 30 years later. This has led to the model being a popular target for custom…

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Turbo Sportster by DP Customs

Turbo Sportster 5

It’s always a staff favourite when we get the chance to feature a turbocharged motorcycle here on Silodrome, motorcycles usually have a power to weight ratio so absurd that adding a compressor into the mix is usually considered an unnecessary complication. Fortunately though, the team at DP Customs love nothing more than a little in…

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Triumph Bonneville Custom by Ton-Up Garage

triumph bonneville custom 2

The Triumph Bonneville has quickly become one of the most popular targets for motorcycle customisers worldwide, bikes like the Yamaha SR400, Honda CB750 and the Harley-Davidson Sportster have all previously held the title but the recent shift towards cafe racer/scrambler/flat tracker customs has benefitted the Hinckley-based motorcycle manufacturer to no end. The custom you see…

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Yamaha XS750 Custom

Yamaha XS750 Custom

The Yamaha XS750 was produced from 1977 to 1979 before being replaced by the larger XS850, the model never saw the same production numbers as the wildly popular parallel-twin Yamaha XS650 but we’ve been seeing more and more custom XS750s coming to light in recent months – like the one you see here. It isn’t…

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American Cafe Racers

american cafe racers

  Click here to go straight to the American Cafe Racers Collection on eBay. The humble cafe racer is a style of motorcycle that seems truly timeless, each generation that comes along re-discovers the stripped back, lightweight speed machines for themselves and then leave their mark on the genre. It’s fascinating to see the different…

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Porus by Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs

royal enfield custom 3

  Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs is a new custom workshop based in Rupnagar, India. The bike you see here is their first effort, it started life an an old, slightly worn out Royal Enfield 350 before Pritpal and his 3 cohorts at Bambukaat go their hands on it and spent a month rebuilding it in their…

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Silodrome Design Update

Silodrome Code

The Design As some of the more regular readers will have noticed, things look slightly different on Silodrome today. This tweak to the layout is a project that began in October 2013 as a desire to fix some underlying issues with the website’s previous design which was originally coded in 2010 – making it neolithic…

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The Dirt Bike by British Customs

Triumph Scrambler

British Customs is a leading international supplier of Triumph-specific parts, accessories and gear – the market for Triumph parts has been growing exponentially in recent years and the Scrambler, Bonneville and Thruxton models have become cornerstones of the hugely popular cafe racer, flat tracker and scrambler sub-genres. Rather than sitting on their laurels and focussing…

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Kawasaki KZ750 by Valtoron

Kawasaki KZ750 by Valtoron 2

Valtoron is a Spanish custom motorcycle garage owned and operated by brothers Pablo & Carlos Delgado – the siblings have been professional metalworkers since 1995 and are the sons of well-known painter/sculptor/designer Rafael Muyor. When not working in metal the Delgado brothers are in the saddle, riding and wrenching vintage motorcycles on the bustling streets…

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