Why I Ride – Episode 1

Why I Ride is a new series that’ll be released in relatively short 4 – 5 minute episodes online, this is the first episode in the series, it’s called “Passion at Work” and it’s set in San Francisco. It features Matthew Work who’s the founder of Piston & Chain Motorcycle Club, Matt talks about his 5,000 mile cross country ride when he was younger and discusses the reactions he gives to people who tell him that motorcycling is too dangerous.

If you have 4 minutes spare I encourage you to hit play, I know we are all inundated with films we’ll never watch on Facebook, Twitter etc etc but if you’re a rider, this is one short film you really should watch.

Visit Why I Ride here.

Why I Ride Why I Ride - Episode 1 Series Why I Ride - Episode 1 Film

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