Vintage Motorcycle Tires

I quite often get emails from readers asking me where certain motorcycle builders get their vintage motorcycle tires (well, retro motorcycle tires is probably a more accurate description), so I decided to create a post dedicated to the older style tires.

The answer is that there are a few suppliers but the best and seemingly the most trusted, is Coker Tire. They create reproduction tires for both cars and motorcycles including the classic Firestone Deluxe Champion “zig-zag” tread pattern that you’ll see on the majority of custom non-chopper bike builds. They sell whitewalls, white tires, vintage motocross tires, vintage trials tires and even vintage board-tracker tires.

Their prices are very reasonable with most of their tires costing between $100 and $200 USD, which is inline with the cost of mass produced non-specialty tires. Not a bad deal.

Hit the link here to check them out.

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