The Scorpio 225 by Deus Ex Machina

Lightweight, smaller capacity motorcycles are a particular interest of mine, the chuckability and the forgiving nature of bikes like this makes them easy to love. Sure you might not take it out for long highway-centric roadtrips but if you live in a city and need to get around town, you won’t find a better bike that a rough and ready 250cc. Or 225 in this case. Close enough.

Looking more like a creation from their Bali garage this Deus/Sydney build is based on a Yamaha Scorpio 125cc, I included a picture of the original bike below for comparisons sake, as you can see, this is a totally rebuilt/bored-out/nut+bolt custom.

The Scorpio looks like the perfect “summer bike” the on-offroad capabilities of it are plain to see, those flat-tracker style tires look like the business and that high-exit exhaust means you can take it for a splash through the shallows without giving your cylinders a saltwater bath.

We don’t have word from Deus yet on pricing for the Scorpio but if you live in Australia, are flush with clams and have been looking around for a beach bike for the summer, you might want to shoot them an email.

Via Deus Customs

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