1957 Daytona Beach Race

1957 Daytona Beach Race 450x330 - 1957 Daytona Beach Race

The 1957 Daytona Beach Race was one of the truly classic early NASCAR events, the cars had to be showroom stock with only some minor safety additions. I think this sort of racing series would be incredible to see nowadays, totally stock sedans racing on circuits around the world would draw a lot of attention. Hell, I’d watch it.

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Oldsmobile Rocket 88

oldsmobile 881 450x330 - Oldsmobile Rocket 88

The Oldsmobile Rocket 88 was produced from 1949 till 1999, it is widely credited with launching Oldsmobile out of it’s staid reputation in the 1940s into a new, NASCAR dominating behemoth, often pointed to as the pre-cursor to the muscle cars that began appearing in the 1960s.

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Vintage Crashes – NASCAR Edition

hrdp 1101 15 o+bob dolivio photos 1952 1960+daytona NASCAR race 450x330 - Vintage Crashes - NASCAR Edition

So far as vintage crashes go this one’s a doozy (to use period appropriate phraseology). Daytona International Speedway in early 1960 saw the single largest NASCAR accident in history, 37 cars out of a field of 68 were wrecked and yet amazingly, there were no serious injuries. Switch on your volume to enjoy vintage narration and…

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