This film from Brightside Media tells the story of the Suzuki GS750, a motorcycle of pivotal importance to the Japanese motorcycle industry as it proved once and for all they could build a reliable UJM motorcycle that handled as well as those built by the Europeans.

The film is presented by Paul Brace from Proper Bikes, he’s one of the United Kingdom’s foremost collectors of classic Japanese motorcycles, and he’s a highly respected expert on the subject. The films runs a total of just over 6 minutes in length and it includes a good balance between telling the history of the model, combined with plenty of riding footage and engine noise.

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The Suzuki GS750 was released in 1976 and it would form the backbone of Suzukis four-stroke model line. The bike proved so popular, largely for the reasons outlined above, that it was evolved into the Suzuki GSX and the Suzuki GSX-R – two of the most important Japanese superbikes in history.

Official Film Description

A classic motorcycle like no other, the Suzuki GS750 took all the best elements from other Japanese superbikes at the time and surprised everyone by making them even better. See and hear this legendary 1970s motorbike out on the roads and experience what it’s like to ride today.

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