Renard GT


Renard Motorcycles was founded in 1938 in Estonia, the company was successful throughout much of WWII until an airstrike destroyed the company factory in 1944. Renard disappeared until 2010 when a team of Estonian entrepreneurs stepped forward to revive the brand with this motorcycle, the Renard GT.

In some respects the Renard GT is a European cousin of the bikes produced by Confederate Motorcycles in the United States, the models made by both companies are based around classic v-twins and use a wide variety of highly advanced components to create bikes that look like the sort of thing Batman will ride in the year 2113.

The Renard GT is powered by a Moto Guzzi Quattrovalvole v-twin with a displacement of 1326cc, it produces 123 hp at 7100 rpm and 134 Nm of torque at 5600 rpm. power is transmissted to the rear wheel via a mechanical 6-speed transmission and a shaft-drive, the suspension is provided by Öhlins on the front and back end and the frame is a single-unit carbon fibre monocoque giving the bike a relatively light weight of 170kgs.

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