Off-Road Icons is a series of art prints by Colombian designer Juan Sebastian, he finds his inspiration in the countless vintage four-wheel drives in his home country and he also happens to be a trained automotive mechanic.

Colombia is a nation famous for its high mountain ranges, extensive forests, beautiful beaches, and pristine valleys. This terrain has favored one vehicle type over any other – the 4×4.

Vehicles like the Willys Jeep, the Toyota FJ40 and its Brazilian cousin the Bandeirante, as well as vintage Nissan Patrols, Spanish-built Land Rover Santanas, and little Daihatsu F20s are almost everywhere you look.

Off-Road Icons Poster 1

Image DescriptionThis is one of the stand out posters in the series, it includes 18 of the world’s most influential 4x4s all laid out in a grid using simple black and white line drawing – meaning it’ll fit in with almost any home decor.

Juan is an off-road enthusiast and when he’s not working at his day job as a professional photographer and graphic designer he’s out in the in the mountains finding new trails. His Off-Road Icons series is an homage to the vintage 4x4s that have kept Colombia moving throughout its oftentimes turbulent (but never boring) history.

The series started out five years ago with a print of a classic Willys Jeep, many other models have since followed it, and Juan has now sold hundreds around the world to buyers on almost every continent.

The shop includes framed posters, canvas prints, metal prints, matte prints, and stickers, so there’s something for everyone, and the prints are typically offered in multiple sizes so you can get something suitable for your wall.

Toyota FJ40

Image DescriptionAnyone who has even a passing knowledge of Colombia will tell you that the FJ40 Land Cruiser is one of the most important vehicles in the country’s history. Many of them are now 50+ years old and still in daily use.

Each poster is printed with multicolor, water-based inkjet printing technique onto art paper with a weight of 189 g/m² and a paper thickness of 10.3 mil (0.26 mm). The posters come with the hanging hardware included, and you can choose from a Black, Red Oak, or White frame.

The full list of prints in the store now includes exactly 99 individual works at the time of writing, but Juan is adding to it regularly so there may very well be more by the time you read this.

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Mitsubishi Montero Land Cruiser Ford Bronco Defender 4x4 Toyota FJ60 and FJ62 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Nissan Patrol Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender Badge Ford Bronco 1 FJ70 Land Cruiser Dodge Power Wagon Off-Road Icons Poster

Images courtesy of Juan Sebastian – 2023©

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