Francis Ooi is the creative director of an advertising agency based in Singapore – a city-state famous for its sterile cleanliness, great chilli crab and compulsory fines for almost any activity not sanctioned by its strict government. It’s notoriously difficult to import vehicles into the country and the vehicles that are there are strictly controlled – even non-OEM indicator lights will get your bike impounded on the spot.

This means the local custom scene operates below the radar and amateur enthusiasts like Francis are forced to find other outlets for what would otherwise be two-wheeled creativity. Fortunately for us, Francis is a talented illustrator and so he spent the past few months researching a creating the motorcycle posters you see here, each design is limited to 100 units and costs a reasonable $65. To ensure longevity the A2 sized posters are created using OffSet Lithographic 4C printing on Maple White Acid Free 220gsm paper.

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Kenny Robert-metal-10% Honda 6 MH-Metal HONDA CB750 Ducati 900SS-print Botanical Portraits-logo

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