The Mauser Monotrace is one of those historical automotive curiosities that was almost forgotten, until the need for ultra-efficient cars with low aero-drag came back into vogue with the recent trend towards electric cars.

The Monotrace Car was created by Mauser, formerly a German firearms manufacturer that had been prohibited from making rifles in the years after WWII. They applied their machining abilities in a few new and novel ways, one of which was to create tandem, two-wheeled car.

It was fitted with a 510cc four-stroke engine and a pair of stabiliser wheels that could be lowered or raised by puling a lever. The wheels would retract upwards but would remain in an outward facing position so that if the driver forgot to lower them, the Monotrace would fall onto the wheel to avoid body damage.

There isn’t much reliable information on the Mauser Monotrace available online, but if you’d like to read more you can click here and here.

Mauser Monotrace Mauser Monotrace 1 Mauser Monotrace 2

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