Gasoline and Caffeine Tour: The Jack Pine Build

The Jack Pine from Hammarhead Industries is easily one of the top 10 custom production bikes in the world (in my humble opinion), built by James Hammarhead using a 2005-08 Triumph Scrambler the finished bike has drawn full throated 10/10 reviews from every motoring journalist who has ridden it.

The above video is, well actually I’ll let James tell you in his own words;

For the last stop on our Gasoline and Caffeine tour we decided to set up shop in San Francisco at the Triple Aught Design HQ where James built a Jack Pine motorcycle in just 3 days (typical production time is 90).

The 2011 allotment of Jake Pine motorcycles is all sold out however there are 2 spaces left if you want to order for the 2012 allotment.

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