These are the popular Howlin Sunglasses from the team at Vallon, a company founded by a pair of Swedish brothers with the sole mission of bringing back the classic eyewear of generations gone by.

Howlin Sunglasses feature polarized V52® performance lenses offering 100% UV protection and each pair is handmade from premium acetate to ensure they can handle whatever outdoor pursuits you’re into.

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Image DescriptionThe Howlin Sunglasses from Vallon were developed to look good on a wide variety of face types, and seemingly across a variety of species.

Vallon is named for Vallon d’Arbi in Verbier, Switzerland. It’s a place famed globally for its skiing, touring, hiking, and cycling, and as such it’s become a destination for winter sport enthusiasts dating back decades.

The company is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and it remains an independent, family-owned business. They explain that they sell their glasses directly to their customers, avoiding the overhead costs of large eyewear retailers, and as a result they can offer significantly lower prices – which seems to hold up after a look through their catalogue.

Vallon are working with Empower, an organization dedicated to clearing plastic waste in communities within developing nations. 1 kg of plastic waste is cleaned up and recycled for each pair of Vallon sunglasses sold, so far they have helped remove over 60 tonnes of plastic waste in six countries.

Each pair of Howlin Sunglasses comes in a box with a protective faux-leather case to keep them safe when they’re not on your face. They also come with a detachable headstrap which can be discreetly fitted and removed when not needed.

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Image DescriptionThe frames are handmade from premium acetate and they’re fitted with polarized V52® performance lenses offering 100% UV protection.

The temple-ends of the sunglasses contain a metal core that can be adjusted for a better fit regardless of your individual head shape. Vallon offers free shipping, 30 day returns, and a full two year warranty on all of their sunglasses.

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