1988 Ferrari Testarossa

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The Ferrari Testarossa is a car that’ll be immediately familiar with any XY chromosome holder born in the 80s or earlier. To this day I remember being in the 5th grade and arguing with other 9 year old armchair experts about the pros and cons of the Testarossa vs the Countach vs the 911. Now that I come to think about it, not all that much has changed.

Skip forward to the modern day and the prices of these cars has dropped pretty substantially, a solid Testarossa can be had for somewhere in the $45,000 to $80,000 region, which is a lot less than its original $220,000 MSRP. Now while none of these numbers are affordable in the classic sense of the word, most of us could sell a house, a wife or a kidney and pick one up in decent condition.

Ferrari Testarossa Berlinetta  4

Powered by a flat-12 Ferrari Colombo engine with a capacity of 4943cc (or 302 cubic inches) the Testarossa had a 0-62 time of 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 180mph. Even today these numbers are respectable, but in the early 80s they were revolutionary and lead to the new Ferrari sharing a spotlight with only the F40 and 288 GTO as the most iconic of Enzo’s cars from the decade of synth pop and colourblind fashion.

The Testarossa you see pictured here is a fantastic example from 1988, it’s been exceedingly well maintained by a fastidious owner and is expected to sell for somewhere in the region of £55,000 to £65,000 when it rolls across the auction block with Bonhams this month on the 13th of December.

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