Edd China’s Garage Revival is a new TV series that many of us have been wanting for years, each episode is entirely dedicated to Edd (formerly the co-star of Wheeler Dealers) working on cars – with his characteristically friendly way of showing you how to do a huge variety of jobs on a wide range of cars.

This new show is a wrenchhead’s dream, as you can acquire a significant amount of knowledge while sitting on the couch watching Edd do all the work.

Episode #1 of the new series takes place in Norway, where Edd travels to help a local Norwegian (whose name I can’t spell) to drop a 16 valve engine into his Mk1 VW Golf. The job involves doing the engine swap, removing the rear drum brakes and replacing them with discs, and a few other odd jobs to get the car on the road.

If the new series gets enough support, Edd will be able to secure funding to get to work creating a full season.

Many television shows about cars or motorcycles tend to target the lowest denominator, with garbage quality rushed builds to meet arbitrary deadlines set to a soundtrack of arguing neanderthals and ’80s trailer-park-electric-guitar-whammy-bar-trash-rock.

Edd China’s Garage Revival would be a much needed breath of fresh air for petrolheads who don’t watch television at an 8th grade level.

If you like the episode, please click though to his YouTube channel here and hit the subscribe button to show him your support.

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