The Daggerfish Handreel is an all-in-one fishing kit that includes 30 yards of fishing line, hooks, lures, lead-free sinkers, and a float which are all contained within a carved wooden handreel sealed by a cork at each end.

When out in the wilderness a simple fishing kit can be the fastest and easiest way to get your hands on fresh protein.

Of course, carrying a fishing rod and tackle box is out of the question for people who are hiking, kayaking, rafting, cycling, riding a motorcycle, or those who just want to travel light.

Daggerfish Handreels

Image DescriptionWhen casting you toss the line where you want it to go and point the top of the handreel in the same direction, the line will slide off the reel with little resistance allowing casts out to where you think the fish might be hiding.

The Daggerfish Gear Company was founded by a friendly guy named Adam who largely grew up in the American wilderness thanks to the fact that his dad was park ranger.

This upbringing imbued a great love of the outdoors within him, and he founded Daggerfish to create gear that people can use to thrive in the wild.

The Daggerfish Handreel can be ordered in a number of different configurations and in a number of different wood types. The example you see here is the least expensive at $45 USD, it has a sugar maple wood body that has a hollow center with 3.8 cubic inches of storage space.

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Image DescriptionEach Daggerfish Handreel is hollow with a cork in each end, inside you’ll find a simple assortment of tackle that’ll help you land a trout or two for dinner.

Within this internal storage space you’ll find all the fishing tackle you’ll need for catching trout and other wild fish.

The 8 lb monofilament fishing line is wrapped around a special section at the top and the corks at each end serve two purposes – they seal the contents of the body safely and they’re a great place to embed your hook when traveling to keep the line from unraveling.

There are a few other wood choices for the handle including wild cherry and black walnut, as well as a slew of accessories if you’d like to expand your kit.

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