BMW Custom by Blitz Motorcycles

BMW Custom by Blitz Motorcycles

This new BMW Custom by Blitz Motorcycles has been called the “French Bobber” and very much in the style of the team at Blitz – it looks like something that’ll make the purists wail, gnash their teeth and don garments of sackcloth.

Interestingly, the bike started life as 3 separate motorcycles – a BMW R80/7, a R60/2 BMW and a little bit of BSA A7. The engine from the BMW R80/7 was carefully placed into the frame of the BMW R60/2 and the BSA A7 scarified its gas tank.

The frame and suspension from the R60/2 are always quite eye catching, the bikes utilises front and rear swing-arms with oil-pressure shock absorbers giving it an unusual profile and non-traditional handling characteristics.

That R80/7 engine is an 800cc boxer, airhead twin, up 200cc on the 600cc unit that originally came in the R60 models – giving the French Bobber a nice little power boost. The engine breathes through ‘lightly filtered’ velocity stacks and sends the carbon out via twin exhaust pipes with a little muffling to keep the neighbours happy.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the French Bobber or see some of the other work from Blitz Motorcycles you can click here.

Blitz_R50_French_Bobber_5 Blitz_R50_French_Bobber_8 Blitz_R50_French_Bobber_6 Blitz_R50_French_Bobber_2 Blitz_R50_French_Bobber_4 Blitz_R50_French_Bobber_3 Blitz_R50_French_Bobber_7

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