Cortadito Cafe Racer

The story behind the Cortadito Cafe Racer is one of those happy coincidences, it was a story that fell into my lap and along with the discovery of a great little cafe racer was the discovery of a great new Miami bike builder for us to keep an eye on.

The Cortadito Cafe Racer started life as a 1968 Yamaha YAS1 125cc 2-stroke, she had been left outside for a little longer than was perhaps ideal so when the owner, Their (a designer at MIAMSAI), decided to get the bike sorted out he sent it off to the team at 76Hundred and left it in the capable hands of Rodrigo (the chap you see pictured above).

Rodrigo set about stripping the bike back and immediately replaced the pistons and rings, he rebuilt the engine, added the widest tires the wheels would accept to complement the over all look of the bike and changed the colour to a light coffee brown to match the name (“Cortadito” is a type of strong Cuban coffee).

The finished bike is a testament to what cafe racers should be, a raw, elemental motorcycle that’s designed to blast around town, not a show bike destined for a life under polish in a showroom.

If you’d like to see more from 76Hundred, click here to visit their website.

Published by Ben Branch -