This is the Camber Top Tool Box by Toyo, it’s a classically styled tool storage and carrying case that won a Good Design Award back in 2009. Each box is made from a single steel plate that is cut and stamped to shape, so there are no seams.

Toolboxes come in all shapes and sizes, some people need vast amounts of storage with carefully selected sections while others just need a simple box that can contain a hammer, some screw drivers, those leftover Ikea fixings, and an out of date takeaway menu from the local Chinese restaurant.

Toyo Camber Top Tool Box Colors

Image DescriptionThis is the full array of colors offered by Toyo, the red and blue options tend to be the most popular, possibly because they’re the hardest to lose.

This toolbox is one of those latter types, ideal for the shadetree mechanic or home handyman who has realized it’s time to get the tools out of that bottom drawer in the kitchen and into their own case.

Toyo make all of their toolboxes in Osaka, Japan using timeless designs and materials that are designed to last decades (if not longer). There are five colorways on offer including red (shown), blue, military green, silver, and black.

Toyo Camber Top Tool Box 2

Image DescriptionOn Toyo’s website they show the toolboxes being used to hold records, though they’re perhaps not really ideal for this use case.

The toolbox measures in at 6″ deep x 14″ wide x 4½” high (164 mm deep x 373 wide x 124 mm high) and it weighs 2.6 lbs or 1.17 kgs. The asking price is $44 USD and all colorways are in stock at the time of writing.

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