Jenvey DCOE Heritage Throttle Bodies

Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body  450x330

When Jenvey announced the new DCOE Heritage Throttle Body they were overwhelmed with interest from classic car owners from all four corners of the globe. Designed to look similar to the iconic Weber DCOE sidedraft carburettor, the Jenvey unit will look completely at home bolted to the side of any vintage or classic car engine….

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Autodromo Group B Watch

Autodromo Group B Watch 450x330

Autodromo released the Group B Watch today as part of a collection inspired by the gold age of rally – an age that was characterised by 1000hp turbo monsters that had an unfortunate propensity for killing drivers and spectators alike. The Autodromo Group B Watch uses the highly-regarded Miyota 9015 3-hand automatic movement, the case is…

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The Trusco Toolbox

Trusco Toolbox 450x330

The Trusco Toolbox is an unusual thing to find outside of a Japanese garage, the company is legendary in its native country but almost unheard of internationally – something the team at Hand-Eye Supply have decided to rectify. The solid steel construction coated in a thick blue enamel should ensure that this is a toolbox…

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Honda F1 Gear Paperweight

f1 gear box1

When it comes to gifts for gearheads, you’ll be hard pressed to find something cooler than this – it’s a gear from the transmission of a 2006 Honda Formula One car. It’s listed as a paperweight but if we’re honest, you’re more likely to just spend hours just rolling it across your desk and making…

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LED Light Mine

LED Light Mine 450x330

When it comes to illuminating difficult spaces like engine bays, trunks, fuse boxes and car underbellies we’ve adapted to using the less than perfect flashlight-in-the-mouth approach, the creative team over at Striker decided to see if they could fix this age old problem and this LED Light Mine is their rather clever solution.

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