Monaco Grand Prix Documentary: Jewel In The Crown

six-wheeled Tyrrell F1 car

  Editor’s Note: If the film isn’t loading for you, you can view it directly on YouTube here. —– This documentary, “Jewel In The Crown”, is a look back from 1992 to the very early days of what is almost certainly the most famous Grand Prix on the Formula 1 calendar. Despite its diminutive size,…

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Documentary: Thunderbirds 1965 – The Successful Project To Create 3 New Thunderbirds Episodes

Thunderbirds 1965

Thunderbirds 1965 is a 35 minute documentary about a successful project from three years ago to create three new episodes of the Thunderbirds using the same Supermarionation puppetry technology, and focusing on every detail to make sure the episodes would be exactly period correct and indistinguishable from the original episodes. The team behind Thunderbirds 1965…

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Full Film: The DeLorean Pennebaker-Hegedus Documentary

DeLorean Film

This is the DeLorean documentary by Pennebaker Hegedus Films, it’s a full-length film about the DeLorean Motor Corporation, the DMC-12, John DeLorean, and the trials and tribulations that the company confronted before the launch of their iconic car. Filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker are icons of the direct cinema approach to filmmaking, they typically…

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