This is the Canoe Axe from 104 year old German company Adler Axes, it’s designed to be perfectly sized for campers and outdoors people for cutting firewood, kindling, and other bushcraft jobs.

Adler was founded back in 1919 in southern Germany in a small village by blacksmith Josef Schmitt. He quickly developed a good reputation and his axes were used extensively in the region’s large forested areas.

Adler Canoe Axe In Hand

Image DescriptionThis image gives you a good idea of the size of the Canoe Axe, it’s designed to be easy to carry and perfect for cutting firewood and preparing kindling.

Over the decades the blacksmith shop turned into a factory, and in more recent history it’s seen a transformation into one of the most sustainable facilities of its type in the region – even using left over wood waste to generate electricity.

The Canoe Axe is one of the more popular axes made by Adler, it’s a lighter-weight mid-sized design with a 19.5″ handle length and a 1.35 lb head. The handle is made from US sourced hickory, widely considered the best wood for axe handles, and it’s given a proprietary shape with a handle painted in anti-slip coating in black and red.

Adler Canoe Axe With Sheath

Image DescriptionEach axe comes with a leather sheath designed to protect the blade and to stop any accidents from happening when the axe isn’t in use.

The head of the axe is made from hardened C45 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 47-55 hrc. It comes with a leather cover to keep the blade covered when not in use for safety. The total weight of the Canoe Axe is 2.2 lbs, making it ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

The broad tip of the axe head makes it well-suited for a multitude of outdoor tasks like splitting wood, cutting sticks down into kindling, and even fashioning simpler shelters or wooden spear tips. The axe costs $94 USD apiece from Bespoke Post, and they offer free 60 day returns should you need it.

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Adler Canoe Axe Main Adler Canoe Axe Sheath

Images courtesy of Adler

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