The Original Blade Runner Sketchbook – Featuring The Art Of Syd Mead


The original Blade Runner Sketchbook is a fascinating look into the minds of the people responsible for the film that would go onto become one of the most iconic and influential movies of the 1980s. Directed by Ridley Scott and largely designed by the futurist Syd Mead, the vision of the world 40 years into the future (in 1982) was designed to be gritty, realistic and not at all like the antiseptic visions of the future that were so common at the time.

Although no longer in print, the Sketchbook is still available from a few sources in very limited numbers. The work of Syd Mead is always in demand, and it seems like the Bladerunner series is going anywhere either, with plans afoot to create more films based in the Ridley Scott universe.

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BladeRunnerSketchbook_02 BladeRunnerSketchbook_03 BladeRunnerSketchbook_05 BladeRunnerSketchbook_06 BladeRunnerSketchbook_07 BladeRunnerSketchbook_08 BladeRunnerSketchbook_09 BladeRunnerSketchbook_10 BladeRunnerSketchbook_11 BladeRunnerSketchbook_12 BladeRunnerSketchbook_13 BladeRunnerSketchbook_14 BladeRunnerSketchbook_15 BladeRunnerSketchbook_16 BladeRunnerSketchbook_17 BladeRunnerSketchbook_18

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