This is an original “Belisha Beacon” from the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing in the City of Westminster in Greater London. It’s arguably the most famous pedestrian crossing in the world thanks to its appearance on the album cover of The Beatles final studio LP – appropriately named “Abbey Road.”

In December of 2010 the crossing was given the official status of Grade II Listed Building by English Heritage, and it remains one of the most popular public tourist destinations in London, with people queueing to take turns having their photograph taken crossing the road in the same way The Beatles did back in 1969.

The Abbey Road album included a slew of hits for The Beatles including Come Together, Here Comes the Sun, Something, Octopus’s Garden, and more.

The Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover

Image DescriptionThis is the now legendary Abbey Road album cover. It would be their final studio LP and they chose to name it after the Abbey Road Studios where it had been recorded. Image courtesy of Apple Records.

Over the decades between the time that The Beatles had their photograph taken there and today the crossing has been upgraded a number of times along with the rest of the road infrastructure in London.

This particular Belisha Beacon was installed on the far side of the road from Abbey Road Studios, the beacon that was on the otherwise was hit by a car in 2018 which meant it needed to be replaced. In order to keep both beacons the same, they replaced this one also.

It now represents a unique part of history, having illuminated in its blinking fashion for decades while Beatles fans from around the world came to the crossing to have their “crossing” picture taken. It’s now being offered for sale by Bonhams as part of the “British Cool” auction on the 29th of March.

It has a price guide of £7,000 – £9,000 or approximately $8,500 – $11,000 USD and it measures in at 300cm (118 inches) high overall with a 7 inch wide base, and an 11 1/2 inch amber-colored plastic beacon on top.

The electric internal of the lamp have been removed, however it would likely not be particularly challenging for any halfway decent electrician to refit a blinking electrical light into the beacon. If you’d like to read more about this unusual piece of history or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

The Beatles Abbey Road Crossing Beacon 1 The Beatles Abbey Road Crossing The Beatles Abbey Road Crossing Beacon

Images courtesy of Bonhams and Apple Records

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