This is the Barebones Felling Axe, it was designed as a modern interpretation of the old forestry felling axes from the 19th century. It’s fitted with a carbon steel head that has a hand-sharpened 3¾” blade that can hold a razor sharp edge.

Barebones was originally founded as a philanthropic endeavor that supplies semi-permanent tent structures where needed in developing countries, to provide shelter for displaced people as well as medical clinics and maternity delivery rooms.

Over time the company has expanded out their range and now offer an assortment of equipment designed to last for life, with classic designs and high end materials.

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Image DescriptionThe team at Barebones explain that this axe is ideal for clearing trees and processing firewood – the old-fashioned way.

The Barebones Felling Axe is one of the company’s newer offerings, it has a 23.5″ curved hickory handle topped with a lightweight 1.6 lb 1055 carbon steel head. Each axe comes with a polyester sheath to protect the blade and help keep it sharp and protect it from the elements.

The total dimensions are 23.5″ x 7.25 x 1.25″ with a weight of 2.40 lbs. The axe is designed to be well balanced and a good weight for use by everyone – you don’t need to be a burly lumberjack to swing it effectively.

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