Auto Icon Screen Print Series is a line of artworks by Jerome Daksiewicz featuring the front or rear outlines of some of the most important and iconic cars to ever take to the road.

Each print measures in at 18″ x 24″ and they’re printed on Blacktop 100# Construction Cover by the French Paper Co. – All prints are shipped in crush proof recycled cardboard tubes and they cost a rather reasonable $30 USD a pop.

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VW_Framed Toyota_Framed Subaru_Framed Porsche_Framed Nissan_Framed Mustang-Blue_Framed Mustang-Black_Framed MercedesBenz_Framed MercedesBenz_Framed_Etsy Lamborghini_Framed GM_Framed Ford_Framed Ferrari_Framed BMW_Tail_Framed BMW_Framed Audi_Framed AstonMartin_Framed

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