Carroll Shelby: An Interview with the Snake

Carroll Shelby Driver

Carroll Shelby: An Interview with the Snake is a fascinating look back at the life and times of Shelby – a man who is quite easily one of the most important American automotive personalities of the 20th century. Today we look at any car that wears a Shelby badge with immediate understanding that it’s going to…

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1973 Documentary – Hells Angels London

London Hells Angels Documentary

This 1973 BBC documentary might be one of the most unintentionally comedic short films I’ve ever seen – to the point where I’m not sure if it’s legitimate or if it’s a very clever parody. Since the year it was filmed the Hells Angels have spread globally – they now have an estimated 425 charters…

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AMA Flat Track Matadors: Jay Springsteen

Jay Springsteen Flat Track

Jay Springsteen is considered by many to be the greatest flat track racer in history, his remarkable career spanned almost 30 years and he won 43 Grand National Championship dirt track victories, as well as the 1975 American Motorcyclist Association Rookie of the Year award and 3 consecutive AMA Grand National Championships in 1976, 1977,…

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Ronnie Peterson: 1975 Documentary

Ronnie Peterson Formula 1

Ronnie Peterson was a Swedish Formula One driver whose career was cut short in a first corner incident with James Hunt in 1978. He’s remembered as a staggeringly talented driver who was nicknamed the SuperSwede by his fans and fellow drivers, and it’s thought that he would have added at least one driver’s world championship…

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Enzo Ferrari: Passion for Speed Documentary

Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari: Passion for Speed is a documentary about the automotive legend from 2001. It’s a fascinating look back at the life and times of Enzo, and it includes interviews with some other greats who are no longer with us – like Carroll Shelby. The film covers Enzo’s life from his childhood through to his…

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Original Herbie Stunt Car

Herbie Car VW Beetle copy

The iconic series of Herbie films started with The Love Bug in 1968, a smash hit that all but guaranteed sequels. Herbie Rides Again was released in 1974, Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo came out in 1977 and by 1980 it was time for the last film in the first series – Herbie Goes Bananas….

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The 1956 Monte Carlo Rally

Monte Carlo Rally

By 1956 the Monte Carlo Rally was already 45 years old, and very well established as one of the world’s pre-eminent road racing events. Automobile manufacturers used it as a way to publicly show off the toughness and reliability of their vehicles, and played down the amount of mechanical work the driver and co-driver typically…

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1985 Paris–Dakar Rally Documentary

1985 Paris Dakar Rally

This documentary covers the running of the 1985 Paris–Dakar Rally, an iconic event that’s become synonymous with endurance and the flinging of Sahara Desert sand. With a total running time of 1 hour 48 minutes, it’s a comprehensive look at the running of the 1985 race – and it’s presented in all the ’80s era…

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