1982 South African Grand Prix

1982 South African GP

The 1982 South African Grand Prix was a highly contentious race and it very nearly didn’t take place, the entire field of drivers commandeered a bus and left the circuit in the days leading up to the race, protesting the plans by FISA (The Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) to change the terms of the…

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Audi Quattro – The Official Story


“Audi Quattro – The Official Story” is a look back at the history of Audi’s vitally important all-wheel drive system as documented by Audi themselves. As such it offers previously unseen footage from the very earliest days of Audi’s involvement in motorsports through to their dominant years in international rally competition. If you have even…

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1971 Indianapolis 500

1971 Indianapolis 500

The 1971 Indianapolis 500 had what is almost certainly the most unexpected and startling beginning of any race in American history. I won’t go into any detail here as many of you will never have seen this race, but I will encourage you to hit the play button if you have an interest in motorsport…

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The 1959 Alpine Rally

Alpine Rally

The Alpine Rally was run between 1932 and 1971 and occupied a hallowed place on the international motorsport calendar alongside races like the Targa Florio and Mille Miglia, the 1959 rally was close to the golden age for the race that dashed through treacherous mountain passes between Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The danger of racing…

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Stories of Bike: Jodie Rigg


Stories of Bike is a fantastic series of short films by the talented director Cam Elkins, each episode features a different person talking about their motorcycle or motorcycles, their history with two-wheeled transportation and some genuinely remarkable camera work. This is episode 10 and it centres around the life and times of Jodie Rigg, I’m…

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The Armstrong 500 – 1965

The Armstrong 500

The 1965 Armstrong 500 was the sixth running of the event, an early precursor to the modern day Bathurst 1000. 1965 was the first year that non-Australian assembled cars were permitted to enter (so long as at least 250 of them had been road registered in the country), the race was separated into classes A,…

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Supercharged: Grand Prix Cars 1924-1939

Manfred von Brauchitsch is airborne in his Mercedes Benz at Melbourne Rise. Donington Grand Prix.

Warning: This film contains graphic racing accident footage including 2-3 probable fatalities, don’t click the play button if you’re likely to find that upsetting. Supercharged: Grand Prix Cars 1924-1939 is a vintage film that covers some of the formative years of Grand Prix racing, it’s a fascinating look at some of the most technologically advanced…

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Car Crash: The DeLorean Story

The DeLorean Story

The story of John DeLorean and his now infamous DeLorean Motor Corporation seems almost too Hollywood scripted to be even remotely plausible. The youngest ever division head at GM had decided to go it alone and create an all-new automobile manufacturer to build an all-new car – the now iconic steel DMC-12. What happened next has all the hallmarks…

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Niki Lauda Explains Formula 1 – 1985


  This film, titled Niki Lauda Explains Formula 1, is a 1985 documentary that explains the F1 cars and technologies of the era. It’s a remarkable opportunity to see Lauda in the post-Rush days and listen to him explaining car balance, transmissions and engines from the midst of the original turbo era. It’s just under 20…

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Luciano Rupolo – A Short Film


  This 20 minute film is a glimpse into the life and times of Italian car collector and lifelong mechanic, Luciano Rupolo. It’s a wonderful piece of filmmaking, the director kept the focus purely on the man and the machines with no filler, narration or flashy graphics. Luciano takes pleasure in relaying the stories of…

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