This is a series of original vintage print ads for Land Rovers (and Range Rovers) has been compiled and framed by the team at Sir Jack’s who are now offering them for sale individually.

The Land Rover / Range Rover print ads that began appearing in magazines and newspapers in the late 1980s quickly established themselves as an art form.

They typically featured an eye-catching image over a witty headline, and a small body of text designed to reiterate the messaging – the messaging being that Land Rovers (and Range Rovers) can go anywhere better than anything else, and do it in style.

Funny Land Rover Ad 3

Image DescriptionThe classic formatting of the Grace & Rothschild ads that ran from the late 1980s to the very early 2000s typically includes a captivating image over a funny headline, with a small body of text underneath to drive the message home.

The ads weren’t created by Land Rover but rather by Grace & Rothschild Advertising based in New York City, overseen by Allen Richardson from 1991 onwards.

Grace & Rothschild had the Land Rover ad account from 1986 until the year 2000, over that 14 year stretch they developed a slew of ads that both won awards and influenced the ad industry as a whole.

Today the original print ads are collectible in their own right, and the team at Sir Jack’s have compiled some of their favorites and framed them ready for sale.

Funny Land Rover Ad 8

Image DescriptionThe simplicity of the ads and their remarkable effectiveness won Grace & Rothschild awards over the course of the 14 year campaign.

The collection currently includes 10 framed ads but Sir Jack’s are adding to this series regularly so it’s worth checking back often.

The framed pieces aren’t cheap, but that’s because each includes a mint condition original ad that has been archival framed at a museum quality level with an acid-free eight ply mat, ultraviolet filtering plexiglass, and a simple black wood frame.

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Funny Land Rover Ad 7

Image DescriptionThis is an earlier Land Rover ad from the 1960s showing the Series IIA model. This is possibly where Grace & Rothschild got the formatting they used for continuity purposes.

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