The first running of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive occurred this past weekend, a global event that sees men and women dress up in their Sunday best for a group drive to a secret destination followed by a party.

Despite the fact that the event is brand new it was held simultaneously in 145 cities around the world, it included over 4,000 participants, and it raised over $200,000 for men’s mental health programs and prostate cancer research.

If the name of the event sounds somewhat familiar to you it may be because it’s the new sibling of the long-running Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a similar event founded in 2012 centered around vintage and modern classic motorcycles that has so far raised over $31 million dollars for the same worthy causes as the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive.

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Image DescriptionParticipants in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive all wear period-correct attire and drive pre-1980 classic cars, the afterparty makes you feel almost like you’ve been sent back in time.

“It’s been surreal to experience the success of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive within its first year. What we were able to achieve, along with the support from all our volunteers and participants is exciting.”

“We surpassed every expectation for this first year, raising more than what The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride did in its first year as a fundraising event. We’re proud to be able to bring so many classic automotive enthusiasts together and continue building upon our passion for men’s health and motoring.” – Mark Hawwa, Founder of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive

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Image DescriptionA remarkable array of vehicles took part in 2021, classic cars that might otherwise never sit next to one another.

Taking part in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive has been deliberately kept as simple as possible, you just need a pre-1980’s vehicle, then you sign up on the official website, fill out your profile, then post the link to your social media so that your friends and family can help you raise money for the causes.

If you’d like to read more about the event or take part in its next running, you can click to visit the official website.

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Images provided by the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive

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