Isle of Man TT – 1961

14481 450x330 - Isle of Man TT - 1961

There’s something magical about vintage motor racing posters. This 1961 Isle of Man TT poster was designed for the 1961 race, despite the fact that it’s now 50 years old it looks better than any modern motorcycle racing advertising material you’ll see anywhere.

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Isle of Man 2011

Screen Shot 2011 11 08 at 1.59.37 PM 1 450x330 - Isle of Man 2011

Each year, some of the most insane men in the world travel to a small island between England and Ireland, a little place whose flag is an image of 3 legs, once there they race at over 200 mph over a series of closed off country lanes.

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Isle of Man Scooter Racing – Circa 1970

racing anneweir 01 450x330 - Isle of Man Scooter Racing - Circa 1970

I never knew that people raced scooters at the Isle of Man, until last week when I discovered this footage and became an immediately happier person. I like scooters. I know that this makes me less of a man in the eyes of hard-core motorcycle dudes but I don’t care. There’s a lot to be said for a 50cc smoke-spewing two-stroke.

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