This is the Stikkan Norwegian Kindling Splitter, it’s a tool designed for safely slicing kindling off of larger branches – without putting your fingers in harm’s way.

Using a hatchet, tomahawk, or axe is the most common way to cut kindling. It can be dangerous due to the close proximity of your fingers to the blade when cutting, with many people having incurred injuries over the years.

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Image DescriptionEach Stikkan Norwegian Kindling Splitter is made in Sweden from solid cast iron, they come with a 10 year warranty, and perhaps most importantly they keep your fingers well away from the blade when cutting kindling.

The Norwegian Kindling Splitter is a traditional Nordic tool that was developed to make the process of cutting kindling far easier and safer. It perhaps makes a lot of sense that it was developed in Scandinavia, a region famous for its long winters and polar temperatures.

It works by using a hinged steel blade to cut down through the wood, there are a series of ascending steps on the side that allow you to position the wood correctly and to then move it up as it’s cut. You can use it using just your hand on the handle – without needing to have your hand up near the blade.

Each one is made in Sweden from cast iron, and they call come with a 10 year warranty. When it arrives you install it by mounting it on a wall or pillar, preferably close to where you store your firewood.

Above Video: Fair warning, this instructional video is a little on the cheesy side. That said, it does do a good job of showing how the Norwegian Kindling Splitter is used.

It’s then a simple process of slicing kindling off branches until you have what you need to get your winter fire going. The Stikkan Norwegian Kindling Splitter retails for $250 USD and it comes with free US shipping from American outfitting company Huckberry.

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