This is the LiteWater Dinghy Packraft by Klymit, it’s a one-person inflatable raft designed for river and lake use, and amazingly it packs down into a carry bag the size of a bottle of water – making it ideal for camping and hiking trips.

The LiteWater is made from 210D polyester which offers excellent puncture and abrasion resistance, it has six tie-off zones providing multiple options for securing your gear or tethering the raft to the shore when needed.

Interestingly the carry bag for the raft doubles as a pump, allowing the raft to be inflated without requiring an additional pump, or a person huffing and puffing into it until they pass out.

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Image DescriptionThe LiteWater offers an ultra-lightweight boating solution for people who want to get out on the water without hauling a canoe or kayak with them.

Klymit was founded in Kaysville, Utah in 2007, it’s a town a little north of Salt Lake City in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. The team who launched the company wanted to create a line of good quality outdoor gear that they could use on their own outdoor adventures.

In the 16+ years since the company started out they’ve grown significantly, and now make everything from tents and hammocks to sleeping bags, sleeping mats, chairs, coolers, and more.

The LiteWater Dinghy Packraft was designed to offer a capable one-person boat that would be easy to carry when not in use. It has a stable arrowhead design that wraps around the occupant almost like an inflatable armchair on the water, and there’s a built-in inflatable cushion in the base to keep you comfortable on longer trips.

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Image DescriptionWhen deflated and packed away the raft measures in at just 9.5″ long x 5.75″ wide x 5.75″ high and it weighs 2.75 lbs.

The raft measures in at 76″ long x 45″ wide x 9.5″ high when inflated, with a total capacity of 300 lbs and an empty weight of just 2.75 lbs. When it’s deflated and packed into its carry bag it’s 9.5″ long x 5.75″ wide x 5.75″ high and can be packed away into the side pocket of many backpacks usually used for carrying water bottles.

The raft retails for $199.99-$200 USD, it comes with Klymit’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee, and as mentioned further up it comes with a carry bag that doubles as an air pump. If you’d like to read more or buy one for yourself you can visit the listing here.

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